Videos and How To’s

Crocheting in the Front, Back and Both Loops

Amigurumi Seamless Join

I love this video for the seamless join

The Magic Circle
I know a lot of people struggle with the magic circle but i’ve found a few pretty good Youtube videos for right and left handed people. Once you’ve mastered the magic circle you’ll never turn back to the old ch2 method 😉

The Loop Stitch

I have a few designs that include parts using the loop stitch. Some people may steer away from designs that look too difficult to make and i’ll admit it takes a little practice but so worth the effort. Once you get the hang of it the loop st will be flying off your hook. The video tutorial by Planet June is one of the easiest to follow.

Puffy Type Stitches

I also use the bobble stitch and the popcorn stitch in a lot of my designs. I mainly use those stitches to make a thumb instead of just having a rounded hand. The next video tutorial shows you how to make 3 different styles of puffy stitches which can be used in amigurumi or blankets etc.

Reverse Single Crochet (Crab Stitch)

The reverse single crochet stitch also known as the crab stitch is a simple way to add a corded look to the edge of your work. I’ve used it in a few designs like the basket in my Benny the Bunny pattern. Here is an easy to follow video to help you.

Changing Colours

This is a great video to show you the right way to change colours in your project.