Stitch Markers/Alice In Wonderland/Drink Me/Eat Me/Lobster Clasp/Crochet stitch marker


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These adorable little cork jar stitch markers were inspired by the drink me bottle from Alice In Wonderland. These stitch markers are perfect for marking your rounds so you don’t lose your starting or end point. The cork jars are made of glass with a cork top glued on so the contents wont spill out. Each stitch marker has a metal 21mm lobster clasp. Jars measure approximately 3cm long. These are designed to hook into the stitch so it will not slip out. The charms are made from a zinc alloy metal which is lead and nickel free.

NOTE: These stitch markers have a screw in eye pin that is screwed into the cork top. These will not come out under normal usage but please take care not to pull on them. 

Your items will ship in a small padded envelope.

NOTE: Seller is not responsible for lost, stolen or undelivered items. If you want your items sent with a tracking number it’s an additional cost, so please send me a message before making your purchase and I can arrange to send with a tracking number.

Please note that these are not safe for children under the age of 3. They are a potential choking hazard.



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