5 Pairs – Safety Eyes Mystery Box


Mystery box comes with:

  • 1 hologram colour
  • 1 glitter colour
  • 1 metallic colour
  • 1 flash colour
  • 1 pair of cat eyes
  • Description


    Mystery Box – You pick the size and I’ll surprise you with a variety of fun colours that I’m confident you’ll love. Or send your favourite amigurumi maker a nice gift of amazing eyes to use on their next project. Each Mystery Box will come with 1 Hologram colour, 1 Glitter colour, 1 Metallic colour, 1 Flash colour and 1 pair of Cat eyes. 

    You will receive 5 pairs of 15mm, 18mm OR 21mm hand painted Safety Eyes (10 eyes and 10 washers). Make your amigurumi stand out with a pair of pretty hand painted eyes. Each eye is individually hand painted by me with a high quality acrylic paint.

    These eyes come with plastic washers. Washers have always been a concern I’ve had in purchasing safety eyes in the past myself. So I’ve made sure when I started selling eyes that all my washers fit tightly and won’t come off but you can also put them on easily by hand. So you won’t need to worry that they will come off and you also won’t struggle to get them on or need a “fancy tool” to push them on.

    NOTE: During the warm weather your items may arrive with a light dusting of powder on them. This is to prevent them becoming tacky and sticking together during shipping. Under normal conditions this would not happen but if your package is left in your mailbox all day in really hot weather there is a small chance they may heat up enough to become tacky. If your items arrive with a light dusting of powder on them all you need to to is dust them off with a dry cloth. 

    Your items will ship in a small padded envelope

    NOTE: Seller is not responsible for lost, stolen or undelivered items. 

    Please note that these are not safe for children under the age of 3. They are a potential choking hazard.

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