34 thoughts on “Paw Patrol

  1. I absolutely love this!!! Is there a pattern available yet?

  2. There isn’t a pattern available yet but I will be writing up the pattern after Christmas

  3. Is this for sale if not could I buy the pattern anywhere

    1. This one has been sold and I don’t have a pattern ready for it yet

  4. Wow, can’t wait for your patern to be out. My youngest son LOVES chase from paw patrol.
    Will it be out soon?

    1. Yes hopefully it will be ready in the next month, I’m just catching up on some orders first

  5. Love it. Cant wait for the pattern.

  6. is your pattern available yet? I need to make one by the end of the month for my grandsons b/d.

    1. No not yet sorry, I’ve been super busy with orders, I hope to write it up as soon as I can get caught up

  7. I love your hat! Nothing quite like it out there;) could I purchase the pattern?

    1. Thank you very much, I don’t have a pattern for this one yet, I hope to have one ready soon

  8. Hi
    Have you had a chance to do the pattern yet?

    1. I’m in the middle of writing a ton of patterns right now and i hope to write the one for the hat soon

  9. Can I buy one of these hats?

    1. Unfortunately I’m booked up with orders right now and not taking any more orders, sorry

  10. Are you still going to be writing the pattern out? My son would love this!

    1. I’m in the middle of writing a ton of patterns right now and i hope to write the one for the hat soon

  11. Do you have the pattern yet?

    1. Not yet, it’s on my list to write

  12. Hey have you published the pattern for this hat? X

    1. Not yet but I hope to write this one up soon

  13. Well, My question is very similar to those posted earlier. Do you think you will be able to have the pattern ready before Christmas? It would be a great gift! Thank you.

    1. I would like to have it ready before Christmas but I can’t make any promises right now

  14. We love this hat and waiting for pattern.:) Christmas is comming.

  15. I just want to say that this hat is amazing! The fact that you can write your own patterns and have them turn out perfectly to match the character is inspiring! I love to crochet and can make just about anything from a pattern, however pattern writing and creating something from scratch is so confusing! You do fabulous work!

  16. Is there a pattern soon?

    1. Not yet

      1. I Would like to make one before February 28 is it possible to get it before that?

  17. I would love this pattern when its available

    1. Sorry not yet, I’m not sure when I’ll have time to write it, I’ve got a ton of other designs that I’m in the middle of right now

  18. Do you have a pattern out for this hat yet

    1. No but I did see one on Ravelry recently that was really nice

  19. I love this hat , where do I find the pattern pls ??

    1. Unfortunately I won’t be writing a pattern for this hat.

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