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Who wants in on the fun?

Who wants to help me win a $15 GC for Knit Picks or Etsy? This is a fun designer contest.

All you have to do is:

1) Go to Get Stuffed and like their page
2) Post a comment on their page tagging My facebook page Hey Can You Crochet Me A

And as a favor for doing this for me I will enter everyone that that tags my page in a draw to win 1 month free of Get Stuffed Magazine that will feature one of my own exclusive designs Mr. Wiggles Holiday. Please feel free to share but it’s not required.




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Helpful tip

Just thought i’d share a helpful tip when working in the Back Loop of the shoes in Gracie and Gabby’s pattern or in other future patterns of mine. I’ll post pics to help. When you work in the front loop of a round it leaves the back loops available to crochet in (first pic) so for example if round 6 of the shoe pattern says to work in the Front Loops only that leaves the Back Loops for round 7 to work in (second pic). I hope that helps anyone that has questions about it.

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Get Stuffed Magazine 

I’m super excited to have my newest design Mr. Wiggles Holiday in the first issue of Get Stuffed Magazine. The magazine will feature designs from a ton of talented designers. If you want a subscription at an amazing deal head over to Get Stuffed on Facebook and check out their page or go to for some great freebies and giveaways